Artwork Panels

Well it’s taken a while and a lot of hard work and effort by a lot of people to get these art panels up on the side of the toilets in the park. The journey started back in June last year when we asked for bids to create panels for the sides of the toilets. We had several ambitious ideas but in the end we went with the suggestion by a Moorlands teacher to feature artwork by their children. So we put in a bid to Trafford for an inclusive Neighbourhood grant for £600 and we were successful.

Two hundred and seventy three pieces of artwork later (all individually scanned and resized – we have one from every one of the 270 Moorlands children and 3 from teachers) – we have the panels you see now. The children all visited the park and their visits inspired the amazing work you can see now.

As ever these projects have a habit of running over budget, even with people volunteering their time for free, so a massive thanks is due to The Friends of Worthington Park who stepped in to make up the deficit. A special thanks must also go to Flynn and Piotre who made the frames and installed the panels.

We are planning a special unveiling ceremony soon so look out for details of that. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the panels when you visit the park.

Please help us to install new picnic benches in the Park

The Friends of Worthington Park Committee were recently successful in bidding for a grant from the Trafford Inclusive Neighbourhood Fund. This award will be used to increase the number of picnic benches in the Park and provide an additional location with improved accessibility. The grant provides 50% of the required costs and the Committee would be very grateful for any donations towards the remaining amount.

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You can donate using a bank card or by Paypal

Agenda for FoWP AGM 2021

Friends of Worthington Park AGM

Thursday 18th November

At the AGM the Committee will report on activities and events which took place in 2019-2020 and present the annual accounts.  The AGM will also elect the Committee and officers for the next twelve months. Here is the agenda:

1.       Minutes of the previous AGM

2.       Chair’s report

3.       Secretary’s report

4.       Treasurer’s report

5.       Website report

6.       Election of committee

7.       AOB

FoWP AGM 2021

The Friends of Worthington Park will be holding their 2021 Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Thursday 18 November at Sale Sports Club on Clarendon Crescent, Sale. Unfortunately accommodation at the Club is very limited but we hope to be able to stream the proceedings online via Google View. If you are interested in joining in online, please email and you will be sent the appropriate link once it is available.

Restoring The Lions

The Friends have been busy this weekend beginning to clear soil around the bases of the lions in preparation for some restoration work. Local sculptor and stone carver, Nick Roberson, will be cleaning them, grinding and smoothing the bases, sorting out the paintwork and adding some bronze coloured highlights.